Illustration for an article about journeys in literature, more specifically, travelling in tales. It seems it usually implies some kind of prior transformation or shrinking, like Alice, or Nils Holgersson.
The technique of this one is a little messy. I've used a new paper. I'm still looking for a substitute of Grey BFK Rives. I love this paper but it's very difficult to find here. I used to buy it in one shop in Madrid, but they don't have it anymore and it's a big problem for me.
Anyway, I was not very comfortable with this new paper, which is a little more rigid than BFK. It didn't react very well to watercolor or acrylics. The positive side is that the base color is a little darker grey and so, the highlights and whites work very well on it. 
So, as far I remember this is done with pencil, watercolor, acrylic, felt tip pen (water-based) and faber-castell pitt pen (not water based). And then color added in the computer.
A mess, like I've said. It's a miracle it has worked somehow.
Oh, yes, they're pheasants. I don't know why.

final work

original work finished