Little Red - First sequence

First sequence of “Little Red”.

This is clearly influenced by the illustrations from “Birgit” I wanted to investigate further in sequences and transformations. I think I’m not done with both things yet. I feel very inspired by the concept of metamorphosis.

It’s pretty strange when you look back and you noticed how your work progress. Sometimes the evolution is very obvious, sometimes there are breakthroughs, but you don’t notice it in the moment.

When I’m working on a book, I hardly can explain what I’m going to do before I’ve done it, which can to be a real problem when you have to show storyboards and explain your project, but, after all is done, I can see clearly a lot of things I didn’t see before. Everything has sense when you look back.

Anyway, this is the first sequence of the book. The sequence is called “Going Red”.

Acrylics on grey BFK Rives