El Pacto del bosque - Cover process

This is part of the process for the cover of "El Pacto del Bosque". I'm sorry it's not as complete as it could be but I take photographs from time to time along the process and, as I'm lost in the work, sometimes I forget it. The first drawing is pencil on polyester. At first I thought I would do the cover with this technique, but when it was barely started, I noticed I didn't like it for the cover. The close up needed more texture and density than I could obtain with pencil, so I transfer the drawing to a white BFK Rives, I coated it and then I paint it with water based oils. They're a kind of mystery for me. I really can't understand how they work, but they work. I'm really happy with the outcome, so I'll surely use them again. After the oil painting is finished, I scanned it and I did some minor corrections of color and such. Since it was almost finished, the digital manipulation is very light. Fortunately, as I mentioned in the previous post, it was managed with great care in the press, so the printed cover of the book looks great.